Starting Friday at 5pm


Feta Keftedakia
Seared seasoned beef paties, tzatziki sauce and toasted pita. 10

Kirios / Main Course 

Bronzini Filet
Wild rice Feta and tomato pilaf, spinach Béchamel sauce. 28

Kotopoulo Yemisto
Chicken breast stuffed with Greek sausage and Kasseri cheese,served with orzo, spinach and roasted tomato Feta cream sauce. 26

Wild Boar Spinach and Feta Pastitsio
Layers of ground wild boar, spaghetti, spinach, Feta cheese and bechamel sauce.26


Nutella Gyro
Strawberries, Blueberries and crumbled Oreos. 14

Syrupy shredded phyllo, almonds, custard and whipped cream. 12


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